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Our range includes versatile battery solutions for every application.

From batteries for motorbikes to batteries for appliances and gadgets, we cater for a wide range of battery-powered belongings that are guaranteed to provide long lasting power and performance. To ensure quick and convenient access to information pertaining to a desired battery product, our batteries have been divided into separate categories that highlight their specs and functionalities.

We are the distributors for Rayovac, which includes the worlds #1 selling hearing aid battery. We also carry a broad range across Vinnic, Maxell, Vanson, Varta and Cartronic, which is our Sealed Lead Acid range.

Ordering Using WhatsApp

We are excited to announce the release of our WhatsApp Virtual Assistant and Customer Service Desk. Registered retail partners can now order anything from our catalog by means of a WhatsApp chat.

Click here to go to WhatsApp. Ensure that your phone you are viewing this from has WhatsApp installed. WhatsApp for web will also work if you are familiar with it.

Step 1 above will open WhatsApp with a pre-filled message. Press the SEND arrow to send this message.

If you are sending the message as a one of Carter’s Customers, with your mobile number stored in your Customer Card, you will be greeted and asked how you want to continue. You can continue to type for example - "I am searching for battery chargers" or "I want to buy the optimate solar charger". Communicate like you would to a person.

Please note that our Virtual Assistant has been designed to understand and assist you within the context of product searches and ordering. If at any point the assistant indicates an inability to understand what you are looking for, or if you are not a registered retail partner, you can ask to speak to one of our staff at which point you will be connected to an actual person, right within your existing WhatsApp chat.

It's that easy!


Our goal is your absolute satisfaction, so if there is something that you need but can’t find, we’ll source it for you. Please let us know by providing a detailed description of what you are looking for.