Our Story

Battery Supplies started in 1975 and remains a family owned company.

We pride ourselves with thorough industry knowledge and experience relating to batteries of all types for your everyday needs.

We carry a large selection of Non-Rechargeable and Rechargeable batteries. These include Alkaline, Silver Oxide, Lithium, Nickel Metal-Hydride, Zinc Chloride,  Sealed Lead Acid, and Hearing Aid Batteries to name a few.  To compliment this, we also offer portable lighting solutions, chargers, multi meters and power adapters.

Our range is suitable for almost all requirements, including torches, remotes, watches, radio’s, clocks, kids toys, digital camera’s, drills, house alarms, electric gates, UPS back up’s, golf carts, wheel chairs, various medical equipment and many other electronic devices.

In striving to offer great service, our workshop repacks batteries for drills and other custom battery pack requirements. Our service includes orders being picked and dispatched same day for your convenience.